BlazBlue OC is a Fandom Community That People who are Fans of the BlazBlue Series that they can make/Draw their OC's Characters, Story, and Information for the BlazBlue Series Online.


BlazBlue OC is a BlazBlue Fandom Series/Community that Fans who can Interacted other Fans, RP, Chat, and have fun online, They can create other OC Online in other Website such as, Deviantart, Facebook, Twitter, Amino, Tumblr, Discord, and many other media Site that people can hang out and post their OC's.

in BlazBlue OC the Fans can make stories of their OC's Interacting with the BlazBlue Characters, or Other BlazBlue OC Characters who are made by other Fans but you need Permission of the OC's Creator if you want your OC Interacted with their OC, People can Make their Own Music, or Request/Commission someone to make a theme or music for their OC Characters.

Other Fans can Talk about the BlazBlue Series, Story, and it's Characters, they can sometime RPs as them or base their OC Design off of them, some other fans of BlazBlue like to post other OC's in the BlazBlue series even tho they are not made for BlazBlue series but from another series, they you may call a Guest OC character, like a Gust start or a DLC guest Character.


  • The BlazBlue OC Was Planed to be a Crossover Manga Parody Series, but it was Canceled due of reasons and it have return to be a Fandom Series/Community.
  • BlazBlue OC Fandom Series/Community has an, DA Group Page, Amino Server and a Wiki page that people can post their OC's.


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