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{{DEFAULTSORT:Estarossa Terumi}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Estarossa Terumi}}
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Estarossa Terumi

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"I'm not going to allow you to kill Terumi, Ragna. He may be an asshole but he's still my father."

-Estarossa to Ragna

Central Fiction


Estarossa is the clone of Trinity and Terumi. He works at NOL and is ranked Captain. He is called the Second Coming of the Platinum Alchemist due to his ability to perform alchemy and his hair.



Estarossa has peach-blond spiky hair with a short spiky ponytail. His eye color is hazel. He wears a buttoned black short-sleeve shirt, with a lime tie, black pants with two black belts that have a green buckle, a lime green coat (with black designs from top to bottom), fingerless black gloves, and black and green combat boots.

At the Church:

Estarossa wore black shorts, a green shirt, and a black hoodie with black boots.

Military Academy:

Estarossa wore a standard male school uniform, a pair of black shoes, and a black coat.



Estarossa was made by Relius with the DNA of Trinity and Terumi and was experimented on harshly with the Blue Grimoire This cause Estarossa to have a deep hatred for him. One day Estarossa managed to run away from the lab. Before he escaped the lab he encountered Hazama, who directed how to leave the place. He thanks him and leaves. Later on Relius asks Hazama why he let the boy go, with the latter responding with a shrug. Estarossa escapes to a church where he encounters the Sister, who willingly takes him in.

A year later, Ragna, Jin, and Saya came to the church with Jubei. At first Estarossa was cautious of them, but as Estarossa came to know them he valued them as family. However, one day Terumi and Jin burned the church, and Terumi killed the Sister, kidnapped Saya, and Jin cut off Ragna's arm. Before Terumi left with Saya, Estarossa, in a last-ditch effort, attacked Terumi, surprising him. However, Terumi was able to dodge the attack and gave Estarossa a brutal kick to the chest knocking him unconscious. 

After the event Estarossa was sent to an orphanage, he hated Jin for what he did vowing one day he'll get his revenge.

Military Academy:

Heart to Heart

Years later, Jin and Estarossa encountered each other at the Military Academy. BeforwBoth of them met Noel Vermillion, who they both thought was Saya. Later. Estarossa and Jin go to their dorm where they meet Taro Sasaga'e and Akane Teruhiko. Later on, Estarossa went to class where he encounters Noel again. They talk about favorite things in life. Noel talks about how she loves poems and Estarossa talks about his favorite types of music. They notice Makoto being bullied, but they don't do anything until Tsubaki stepped in questioning Makoto. First, Noel stepped in defending Makoto but was shunned by the bullies. Then, Estarossa stepped in helping both Noel and Makoto defending from the bullies, however, he is made fun of for being adopted and telling him his real parents didn't love him from one of the bullies which cause him to get angry. Tsubaki tells him to calm down and scolds the bullies for harassing people cause of their race, family, and wealth. After Tsubaki is finished scolding Makoto leaves the class and then Estarossa leaves behind her annoyed. After he leaves and goes to the forest, he encounters Jubei, remembering he was a part of the Six Heroes. He asks Jubei if he knew who Terumi and Trinity were and what were they like. Jubei refused to tell who Estarossa's parents were much to the boy's annoyance. He threatens Jubei for answers, however, Jubei ignores him and leaves. Pissed, Estarossa Jubei but stops knowing it's useless and leaves. Before he leaves Jubei tells him to don't be like his father. Estarossa ignores him and leaves. When he comes back to the school he is questioned by Jin about what happened and Estarossa told him what he knew and went to bed.

Remix Heart

Estarossa is sitting in the library, hoping to find who Terumi and Trinity were. While he was doing his research, Noel, Tsubaki, Makoto, and Mai came to the library. They introduce Mai to him. Estarossa introduces himself to Mai, which notices something about her, but ignores the feeling.

BlazBlue: Phase Shift 1:

He appears in one Kazuma's dream in a test tube looking at Relius and Hazama.

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger:

Coming Soon

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma:

Coming Soon

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift:

Coming Soon

BlazBlue: Central Fiction:

Coming Soon


Estarossa is a friendly, and witty person. He tends to be cruel depending on who it is. He is vulgar, and a bit blunt about a few things. Though most of the time he means no harm. He cares about those he cherished and is willing to protect them no matter what. He also really hates laboratories due to him being tested on like a lab rat, which is why he feels pity for Lambda-11. Estarossa hates feeling powerless. It reminds him of what happened at the church and the fact he couldn't do anything to stop it.

Powers and Abilities:

Thanks to his genetics Estarossa has superhuman physical strength, mental capabilities, superhuman intellect, martial arts, energy projection, alchemy, and magic. He also has access to the Azure Grimoire which he uses to create a dimension he calls the Mal-Void, a dimension that he created so he can think or escape to. When he leaves, he can go anywhere he wants to be as long he knows what it looks like. His choice of weapon is his Nox Nyctores, Ouroboros, and his trusty blade Evangelion which he got from Hakumen. Evangelion is a green and black high-frequency blade that is known for being able to cut through anything.


Force Eater- Grants him copious amounts of Heat upon a successful hit


Harmonious Calamity- Increases Attack by 15% and lowers opponents Heat Gauge with each successful hit.


Black Serpents- Estarossa fires a wave of Ouroboros.

Viper Fang- Estarossa coats his hands with dark energy and swing-claws his opponents.

Phantom Strike- Estarossa will move at high-level speed at the foe and attack them and finish the attack with a kick sending the enemy flying

Distortion Drive

Apophis Wrath- A fifteen hit attack followed by a slash attack from Evangelion

Hailing Darkness- An attack that rains dark arrows from the sky hurting the opponent.

Black Coil- A countering move. Estarossa gets into a position and if he gets hit, he will kick his opponent into the sky, coat them with dark energy, and hit with them with Evangelion causing a 20-hit combo.

Exceed Accel

Dark Dragoon- A two slash attack from coated in darkness.

Astral Heat

Kinshin Ragnarok- Estarossa will hit the opponent with a combo and sent them flying forwards and tie them up with Ouroboros chains. He would transform in the Black Susanoo, then charge Evangelion and cut through the enemy multiple times and put the Evangelion back in its scabbard. The opponent will receive dark energy slashes and then finally explode.


Regular Estarossa: Devils Never Cry

Unlimited Estarossa: Vergil Theme(HR/HM Arrange)

Vs. Ragna: Blackened Angel

Vs. Nu-13 and Lambda: A Stranger I Remain

Vs. Hazama: For True Story

Vs. Terumi and Susano'o: Silver Bullet

Vs. Hakumen: The Duel(DMC)

Vs. Jin: The Only Thing I Know For Real

Vs. Nine: Seven Rings in Hand

Vs. Naoto: Forza del Destino

Vs. Azrael: Red Sun

Vs. Relius: Stains of TIme(Sly Shinobi Remix)


  • Estarossa is one of the only people who can eat Noel's cooking and like it.
  • When teaming with Blitztank, he and Blitztank will yell "Muda Muda Muda Muda." when finishing the opponent.
  • Estarossa means "Love and Charity'" and Terumi means "Beautiful Shine'\", this means Estarossa's full name means "Love and Beautiful Shine."
  • When Estarossa is shocked he will reveal a green skeleton with a green glowing eye.
  • He is the Fourth Person to wear the Susano'o Unit.
  • His outfit is a recolor of Yuki Terumi.
  • When he and Yuki/Hazama make fun of Ragna he calls it Father and Son bonding.


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Estarossa Terumi

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